15% Off shared room stays during November and December!

Includes daily yoga and beach trips along with three amazing, organic, gourmet meals. Not applicable for retreats. Minimum 3 night stay.

Contact us for more information: Info@costaricayogaspa.com


Please join us any day this week at 7:00am for Sun Salutation Yoga with Shayna Hiller! Ends Saturday, November 21.
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Organic Food & Gardens

Hospitality and great food are a natural pair. So, we approach great food every bit as seriously as we build and maintain our quality facilities. To us that means growing fresh and organic food in our own gardens using sustainable practices. From the lush jungle ranch and organic gardens, our full time gardeners (jardineros) gather fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs daily and seasonally. One of the many positive impacts: the kitchen staff usually decides the meal after they see the jardinero’s bounty! Now that’s fresh!

The proof is on the table at Costa Rica Yoga Spa!

Fertile Land

Taking full advantage of year-round growing seasons and tropical climate, the farm (finca) puts its rich fertile soil to work. Throughout the finca, we've planted hundreds of palms and fruit trees. We nurture a wide range of fruits, vegetables, shrubs, trees and flowers in our main nursery—or vivero—only a short walking trail away from the Jungle Lodge and Yoga Rancho.

Fresh Flowing Water

Our finca boasts an excellent fresh water well with an abundant source that supplies the whole finca! In addition, in the rainy season you'll hear the roar of the waterfall as it cascades straight down 60 feet near the Yoga Rancho.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We don't waste anything. All of our food scraps either go to the animals or to the compost pile. Our composting practice coupled with abundant fresh water and fertile soil ensure a rich bounty of delicious fruits and vegetables.

We save, dry and replant seeds from the vegetables and fruits used every day. We save and replant the top of every pineapple that we serve – we lost count at over 200 pineapples. We are now eating these very pineapples!!! We have papayas and bananas growing everywhere on the finca .

We have so many varieties of bananas that we can’t keep track—some are for cooking and even more are for eating. We have giant bananas, miniature bananas, four-sided bananas, called quadrados, fat ones, skinny ones, yellow and green ones—even red bananas! It’s quite a sight seeing one of our jardineros whacking big bunches of bananas and plaintains off the trees with their machetes, throwing them over their shoulder and then hanging them in our kitchen for our guests to enjoy.


Finca Un Amor employs a full-time staff of gardeners to keep up with the never-ending task of tending to the vast array of plants, trees, trails and roads. Through intense heat and heavy downpours, these rugged men and women of the land keep the finca operating year round!

Want to Help?

Many people come to Costa Rica seeking to be closer to nature. We encourage you to come enjoy our fresh water and fertile soil and help to ensure the next generation of delicious fruits and vegetables for our future guests. So, grab a shovel. We'll take all the help we can get!

Sustainable Practices

Our goal is to grow nearly all of our own food. However, when we run short or an iguana or monkey decides to enjoy the fruits of our labor, we rely on a readily available supply of quality local sources.

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