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Just Roll With It: A Yoga and Adventure Retreat with Sarah Plummer and Lisa Schlelein

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Saturday July 20 2:00 PM


Friday July 26 2013 11:00 AM

Starting at $1,395.00

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This a Mind-Body-Spirit Full Immersion Excursion! Feeling stuck? Maybe it’s time to get out of your rut and try a never-quite-been-done-like-this kind of excursion. We’ve taken all the stress out of the planning for you! Arrive, grow, breathe, and enjoy.

Imagine yourself amid a lush, fertile jungle in Costa Rica as you practice yoga twice a day in a 360 degree View Open Air Yoga Pavilion with a view is of the Pacific Ocean and mountains all around.  Imagine setting out on daily adventures which will challenge you and energize you…

Now imagine you are accompanied by a fearless and knowledgeable guide who is entirely devoted to creating a world-class experience for you amidst this mysterious and wondrous landscape, leading to long-lasting change and true transformation in all areas of your life.

What if the only thing standing between you and your ability to ‘Just Roll With It’ – moving past any experience or blockage in your life – is an unparalleled expedition into new territory?

How long are you willing to wait to find out?

Sarah’s Full Immersion Excursions are designed to help you break out of your comfort zone and see your life through an entirely different lens.

Through guided activities, yoga, excursions, and unstructured meditative and relaxation time, incorporating movement, spirituality, and a deep appreciation of your own story as it relates to your bigger purpose, you’ll experience a deep transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

A Typical Day:

7-8:30  guided meditation and yoga to set your intention for the day and energize you to move forward with passion

8:30 am    tropical breakfast

10-1pm     Daily excursion time: zip line, kayaking, SUP, hike, & surfing

1-2 pm      lunch

2-4 pm      siesta/private holistic health and lifestyle counseling with Sarah

4-5 pm      yoga and meditation

6-8 pm      sunset and dinner time

8-9 pm      additional group study such as book discussion or integrative nutrition class

This adventure retreat is perfect for beginners to advanced yoga practitioners and wanderlust junkies, and includes:

·         6 Night Accommodations in the Nosara Region of Costa Rica - Named a Blue Zone by the NY Times  (Check in at 2pm on 20 July, check out at 11am on 26 July)

·         3  Organic/Gourmet & Nourishing Vegetarian Meals Daily

·         Yoga/meditation twice daily led by Sarah Plummer and assisted by Lisa Schlelein

·        EXCURSIONS: one each of a zip-line tour, kayaking, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, waterfall tour/hike, and surfing lesson with board rental. *paid for separately

·         A Group Integrative Nutrition Lecture

·         Daily Maid Service

·         Dipping pool on premises

·         Jungle Hiking at our doorstep

·         Transportation to and from excursions, activities, beach trips and our local Nosara airport

·         Not included: alcohol and gratuities

·         Private coaching and counseling available with Sarah at an additional cost

·         VIP Access to the Spa for Massage or Natural Healing and Acupuncture Consultations – these are separate charges and not included in the overall retreat cost – just wanted you to be aware this is an option you can enjoy, if you’d like!

Full Immersion Excursions incorporate:

·         Sacred yoga postures

·         Movement designed to stimulate the body AND soul

·         Exploration of spiritual and secular texts, both ancient and modern, that will broaden your understanding of your place and purpose on the planet

·         Thrilling adventures designed to unleash your inner explorer

·         Integrative nutrition counseling that will transform your approach to nutrition

·         Proven techniques to develop and nurture a positive mindset and a resilient spirit

·         Group and one-on-one coaching with Sarah to address any current challenges you are experiencing, in any area of your life

·         Intangible – yet unforgettable – and transformational experiences that will be unique on a trip by trip basis

Expect a singular experience when you sign up for this travel-meets-coaching intensive!

As your host, I am an intrepid yet reassuring guide who will lead you through a unique trip that will introduce you to the wonders of Nature and get you in touch with YOUR true nature as you’ve never seen it before.

The Full Immersion Excursion experience is for you if you:

·         Feel like you’re stagnating and no longer growing where you’ve been planted

·         Have an open mind for adventure, both physical and spiritual.  If you do not want to do even one of the things listed above, do not attend this retreat.

·         Want to explore new terrain without having to ‘go it alone’

·         Are willing to trust a trained coach, military veteran, survivor of multiple setbacks, and positive-minded supporter of your personal growth, to choose the adventures that will have the greatest impact on your life

·         Are seeking travel with PURPOSE

·         Are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that will lead to spiritual growth, personal achievement, and memories that last a lifetime

You’ll unleash your inner power, awaken your spirit, build your self-confidence, and develop and refine skills (physical, mental, and emotional) you’ll use for the rest of your life!

What are you waiting for… your entire life to pass you by?

PRICES (per person)

Quad room/Shared bath



Private Suite /Triple


Private Suite/Double


Private Suite/Single


Meet your retreat leaders:

Sarah Plummer serves and inspires others through health, happiness, love, and sense of deep purpose.  Aside from her genuine passion to connect with those in need or on a journey, Sarah is well-equipped to guide you on a transformational mind, body, and spirit adventure.  She is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, a certified Holistic Health Counselor, five-time US Military Olympic Soccer Player, former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer, and graduate of the University of Virginia where she studied Sociology and Religious Studies.  She is also a survivor of many things - like being struck by lightning, hit by a car, two tours to Iraq, more than a dozen traumatic brain injuries, and even having been raped by a fellow service member - and so she has “walked the talk” when it comes to living life fully despite setbacks and she desires to equip others to do the same.  Frankly, those challenges she has experienced are precisely why Sarah is on a mission to help you find more happiness, health, success, and purpose in your life by giving you the tools and resources to Just Roll With It™.   The cornerstones of her teaching include faith, authenticity, compassion, purpose, humor and incorporating movement to get the creative juices flowing which helps you feel change happening within your body.  To learn more or connect with Sarah please visit her website at www.sempersarah.com or buy her book Just Roll With It on Amazon.com.

Sarah will be assisted by the experienced, gracious, and wise Lisa Schlelein of Denver, CO.  Lisa strives to provide a class that will not only be informative and educational in the spirit of Svadhyaya (Self study), but also reflective of the play and fun that come from the Light of our Souls. She honors the tradition of yoga and it's evolution, and has practiced everything from Bikram to Power to Jivamukti to Anusara to Vinyasa in the past 12 years, and most recently is on a path following Para Yoga, founded by Rod Stryker. Yoga practice in Lisa's classes provide a glimpse into the power behind the postures, the real and true transformation this practice brings to our lives. We work on ways access the depths in the body with breath and honor the personal experience and relationship each person has with Spirit. And there's almost always a bit of humor...afterall, if we can't laugh at ourselves, what can we laugh at? Jai Ma!

*From Liberia airport it is about 2.5 hours and a shared van costs $140 for up to 4 people and $20 for each additional person up to 8 people.  CRYS can also arrange a 22 pax van for $300.  The trip from San Jose is about 5 hours and transport can be arranged starting at $220 for a shared van.

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