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Wow! what a month at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa. We started out with a 5 Rhythm retreat with Amber Ryan and Kevin Courtney into the most beautiful New Year's Eve party ever with live dj's, Santos and Zurdo, Sofia Thom, fire dancing the night away with amazing food and drink, with Naked Foods serving up special concoctions all night under a red moon over the Ostional ocean. Over 200 people attended and had the night of their lives. People came from Blue Spirit, Pacha Mama, Nosara Yoga Institute, Iboga Love, The Iboga House and all over the country and the world. The theme this year was Bridging The Gap's and expressed by our swinging bridge and permaculture gardens, where we built an indigenous Indian village in honor of the local Chorotega Indians who are buried on this land. It was a great success and Amber and Kevin  have just announced this New Year's Eve celebration to be an annual event.


We then moved into a yoga disconnect retreat with Cyntia Gamarra and Alyssa Arroyo which included zipline tours, beach trips, Playa Guiones surf lessons, 

 SUP, kayaking on the Rio Nosara and lots of dancing. What a great crew and talk about transformation, they got it!


Then the famous, Coby Koslowski, led a powerful 2- week life coach training that could not have been better. This is one of my favorites of the year as the Cobinator is absolutely amazing with what she does and always warms the place up and this group took time to learn some gardening tips, yoga, dance and surfing amongst many other things such as Franklins organic snack den and people from as far away as Berlin. We are very honored to have Coby come here every year for her life coaching workshops indeed.


Moving to the present we have Jennifer Bluestone's reconnect and restore yoga retreat which is filled with lovely people about to blast off an amazing week of fun and yoga in the sun! Happy New Year's from all of here at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa. We are extremely proud of our team right now and the vibe is contagious and delicious!


Pura Vida!!!